Remnant Mission and Vision

I believe a successful church is one that develops a culture of discipleship, which is biblical teaching combined with music and worship that originates in the heart. Combine this with true relationships and community and the gates of hell[b] shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16:18b

A culture of discipleship promotes spiritual growth among its members. Biblical teaching and regular worship helps Christians of all ages dispel fear and avoid conforming trends of pop culture that influences many church groups today.

A culture of discipleship admonishes us not to conform to the world but be transformed by the Word of God thereby live our lives pleasing to the Lord.

The ministry of Remnant MN is focused on developing and encouraging Christian leaders in the faith. It’s not about building a brick and mortar ministry organization but to promote personal and ministry growth within each of our members. The result of which is effective Christian outreach to the world. 

Remnant MN is an inter-generational Christ centered Church.  A network of believers from many different backgrounds who are passionate about reaching out to others. That’s why we call it, Your voice in the wilderness and a safe place to grow in Christ.

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